Human Relations


« Man is a sociable being; nature made him to live with his fellow men »
– Aristotle

The human relationship is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of any organization. When human relations deteriorate conflicts grow. It may be necessary to use a mediator to resolve them.

Mediation involves the intervention of a third party in a dispute between two or more parties, called mediants, in an attempt to reconcile their differences, usually at their request.

It makes it possible to overcome deadlock situations and to open up to constructive dialogue while saving time and resources. Indeed, mediation turns out to be the last step before initiating lengthy legal proceedings. A mediation that leads to a favorable outcome avoids initiating procedures that are costly in time and in monetary resources for the mediants.

As specialists in mediation within companies, our approach is based on NLP and non-violent communication techniques which place the person and the relationship at the center. In order to restore dialogue, we offer a neutral, confidential and benevolent listening space for mediators by giving them the keys to take charge of their destinies.


Prevention, Assessment & Crisis Management

Psychosocial risks can be induced by a high intensity or complexity of the work as well as by degraded social relations among other risk factors. Preserving the physical and moral integrity of its employees is now an imperative for any organization.

In order to meet the needs of our customers as closely as possible, our psychosocial risk solutions consist of the creation and deployment of support systems which can relate to three levels:

PSR Prevention : Assess existing risks to be able to reduce, control or eliminate them

PSR Management : Reduce the spread of existing risks and equip individuals to prevent the onset of symptoms

PSR Crisis Management : Supporting people who live with or who have experienced suffering at work

An approach that takes place in complete confidentiality and impartiality.

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