Coaching, Training, Consulting and Mediation
facilities for corporations and individuals

Human resources development

Dedicated to the development of human resources, talents and innovation, Yodelei offers services to corporations and individuals.

In partnership with the International Neuro-linguistic Programming University (Robert Dilts, NLPU International, California) our courses include NLP and generative change, emotional intelligence and leadership for innovation.

Inspired by recent findings in collective intelligence and collaborative management, our solutions are aimed to enhance people’s self-development and harmonize interpersonal relationships.


​ Yodeleï was inspired by the voice of the mountains

The “Yodel” was originally a means of communication between alpine villages, which is a beautiful metaphor of a lifetime passion: to connect and build bridges.

The Swiss Alps! The dream of a teenage girl following her grandfather’s footsteps, as if she could find pieces of her essence through every step.

To finally reach the top of the mountain and live everyday following her life’s purpose.

Yodeleï is born from the introspective power of the mountain, from the most intimate voice, the one that inspires a profound respect for the development of life and fulfillment.

Yodeleï has evolved over the years in order to respond to a constantly increasing demand in terms of human resources development.